There’s no denying the fact that the world of glamor and entertainment is filled with wealthy people. After all, these people spend most of their lives in the public eye and do some of the most renowned brand endorsements. Whereas, some people remain in the limelight, primarily due to their connection to the hottest H-town celebs. For this feature, we will be shifting our radar towards Ben Affleck, who has been quite the talk of the town due to his marriage to Jennifer Lopez. 

Bennifer is back, and we can’t get enough of them! If you don’t know, Ben Affleck officially exchanged vows with Jennifer Lopez in July 2022. And all of us saw the drop-dead gorgeous $10 million diamond ring on his fiance’s hand. If reports are to be believed, this amazing actor, producer, and philanthropist are somewhat worth $150 million. And there’s no shying away from the fact that he’s made quite a lot of money from his acting endeavors. 

Affleck has been known to us for a long time. He officially joined the movies a long time back. His acting career spans over decades, with diverse roles, portrayed on the big screen. And did you know he’s also earned a lot of money through playing cards. yes you heard that right! He is a big casino fan and has always been associated with playing cards. He is fond of casino games and has always been papped around some of the most famous places across the globe. 

He Started Acting at an Early Age

Not many people know this, but Ben started acting professionally when he was 7 years old. In an interview, he opened up about how he got a strong role in a movie through his mother’s friend at the tender age of 7. He made his acting debut in the film “The Dark End of the Street” in 1981. And between the age of 8 to 14, he had been on almost every TV show. As a kid, he was always engaged with work due to his cute looks and dashing persona from a young age. 

His Friendship With Matt Demon Was Always Talked About

In an up close and personal interview, he confessed to having met his best friend Matt Demon when they were between 8 to 10 years old, respectively. They both lived just a few blocks away from one another. And attended Cambridge and Latin High School together. Matt was quite interested in acting while he was already in school. And as teenagers, they were drawn to this professional easily . They even both appear in the 1992 film school ties. 

They both made amazing chemistry in their big Hollywood breaks, respectively. After the release of 1997’s Good Will Hunting, their careers took a turn for the better. And Affleck played the role of Chuckie, which later on became a cult figure. However, both of them decided to sell the script for $600000. The film that was eventually based on the script got hugely successful. And it got critical acclaim at the Oscars as well. The BFFs continue to celebrate life professionally and personally. 

He Made Big Bucks in Blockbusters

With his name constantly being in the media as an amazing performer, the film “Good Will Hunting ” compelled a rise in his overnight popularity. Affleck started attracting roles in the big blockbusters. He was cast as a world-saving Frost in “Armageddon,” along with megastar Bruce Wills. Affleck continued to demand a high price for his roles In movies. And this changed his career altogether. And his work with Matt Demon would never go unnoticed. 

You, Will, Fail to Read His Poker Face

Yes, you heard that right again! this innocent and handsome face is that of poker. He is one of the very few celebrities who know the craft well. It Was Only In 2004 that he confessed to having a thing for high stake games. This movie star won somewhere around $356,400. Affleck knocked out 90 players from the scene since he was determined to win. Today, games like keno online are hard to win if you don’t have experience. But this megastar turned all the tables when he successfully defeated even pro gamblers.